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Sting of the Rattlesnake

I had this sword cane in mind for a good while. It took me about three months to work out the design. The theme is sting of the rattlesnake. This was a yearlong project once designed. There is a lot of precision machining on it as the sword was turned out of 440-C Stainless Steel. The locking lugs positively lock the blade into the Snake wood cane with a quarter turn to the right. I actually made two of everything as a I knew I would probably ruin one of them and sadly I did. The first sword, after being ground warped in heat-treats. Really broke my heart! In heat-treating the second one, I put it inside a piece of pipe to keep it straight. It worked perfectly. By the way, both were engraved and gold inlaid. I made the cane on a rifle boring machine. Snake wood being what it is, a very beautiful yet brittle wood; I was nervous the whole time thinking it would split or chip. It did not. The handle was done by Jim Pugh, one of the founding members of the Knifemaker's Guild. He cast and assembled the parts and finished the handle. All handle engraving was done by Ron Smith. The rattles actually rattle and the rattlesnake's eyes are double A grade Rubies. It comes in a French fitted walnut display case.